Your daily moonshot to earn Tokens in the most promising chain of the year! Join our daily physics mind training crypto game!

How does it work?

Initially 10 different balls for each NFT family

Each one also have more parameters increasing the weight of the ball diggers for each class, so from each class, on a rarity scale, on the rarest one is the best one!

What means “best” one?

On the physics game that goes live before we open the metaverse, each class have one kind of playable difference in game, making more or less difficult to earn gems in game!

How to play and Earn $?

By acquiring one NFT, you are buying one player to join our Metaverse, and play to your digital asset to earn CROBA that can be used to exchange to CRO, keep in your wallet to share weekly rewards, and join partnerships pools and farms!

How can I trade my balls?

The NFT Marketplace requires users to create an additional account to use it – although this only takes a matter of minutes. Once created, users can instantly verify their NFT account by linking it to their trading account via the app. Overall, this process is rapid and enables users to benefit from the features contained in’s ecosystem.

Art Collectibles

Golf Ball
50 Balls in this class with a height of 46 gr. Percentage of rarity 1%.
Tennis Ball
100 Balls in this class with a height of 60 gr. Percentage of rarity 2%.
Base Ball
200 Balls in this class with a height of 142 gr. Percentage of rarity 4%.
Cricket Ball
300 Balls in this class with a height of 160 gr. Percentage of rarity 6%.
Billiard Ball
400 Balls in this class with a height of 220 gr. Percentage of rarity 8%.
Dodge Ball
500 Balls in this class with a heigth of 230 gr. Percentage of rarity 10%.
Volley Ball
600 Balls in this class with a height of 280 gr. Percentage of rarity 12%.
750 Balls in this class with a height of 450 gr. Percentage of rarity 15%.
Basket Ball
900 Balls in this class with a height of 650 gr. Percentage of rarity 18%.
1200 Balls in this class, with a height of 7000 gr. Percentage of rarity 24%.



BET to Earn

Users can earn through live sports bets and the odds are automatically displayed, CROBA is the main currency to buy tickets to live sports events and bet in the draw.

Sports betting vs Traditional bookies

You may be wondering why you would need decentralized sports betting platforms when you already have the traditional Bitcoin bookies. The truth is that this technology could take Web3 sports betting to a whole new level and bring benefits completely to the community. In Dexsport we are making sure of that. So, below you can see the many differences between decentralized sports betting and traditional Bitcoin bettings.

What is decentralized sports betting?

Decentralized sports betting is a new betting model that doesn’t involve traditional bookmarkers. The betting platform is based on an open-sourced model that involves the blockchain. Web3 sports betting sites don’t have an actual owner that is running the platform because all players involved are part of it.
The open-source nature allows anybody to work in it and make it better. So, bettors are the ones that create markets and odds. Those who want to participate will choose whether to bet against the person that created the market or not. The decentralized sports betting platform doesn’t charge high fees.