CROBA is on Cronos

Live since November 2021, Cronos is a EVM-compatible chain designed to support the Creator Economy with applications such as DeFi and GameFi, ultimately serving as foundational infrastructure for the Metaverse. Cronos delivers dramatically faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum mainnet, making decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts more user and environment friendly.

Cronos is fast, cost-effective, and frictionless.

Cronos aims to offer high transaction throughput (from hundreds to thousands of transactions per second), fast transaction finality (5–6 seconds), and cheap transaction fees (from one to a few dimes). Its Proof of Authority (POA) consensus combines decentralization with streamlined, scalable, and environment-friendly transaction processing.

Cronos is built for and by its community.

One of the main strengths of Cronos is its passionate global community of more than 10 million CRO token holders and users, and open-source contributors. We expect the community to grow manifold in the coming months. Particle B, the ecosystem accelerator of the Cronos chain, has received an allocation of USD 100 million in CRO to make this happen. Over time, additional ecosystem development initiatives will emerge.

How-to Get Started on Cronos

In order to get started on Cronos, you will first need a wallet to store funds as well as interact with any protocol on the network. Any wallet that can support EVM chains should work, though we use Metamask here as the example.

Step 1

Open Metamask, click on Ethereum Mainnet, and select “Add Network”

Step 2

Fill the fields up accordingly. The details can be found below.
Network Name: Cronos
Chain ID: 25
Currency Symbol: CRO

Step 3

The network has been added to your Metamask. You may now use the Cronos network!
Getting funds to Cronos
Being a rather new chain, there aren’t many bridges that support the transfer of funds to Cronos from other EVM chains. However, there are still ways to get funds across, both through centralized applications as well as decentralized ones. Wallet & Exchange
If you already have a account, the easiest way to bridge funds to Cronos would be via the wallet or exchange. However, first, you’ll need to copy the address from the Metamask wallet you’ve set up and get it whitelisted.
Once the address has been whitelisted, you will be able to request a withdrawal from your account. Do note that you will first need to set up 2FA in order to secure your account, before proceeding with a withdrawal. Once the withdrawal is confirmed, you should receive the CRO tokens within an hour if the network is not congested.